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GlensHikeOct23/, views along the Glens trail in Cuyahoga Falls

GorgePhotos/, a tour of the Cuyahoga river gorge and reservoir above the dam

IcyGorge/, a few views in midwinter

kayakgallery/, kayakers practicing in the waters above the Sheraton in downtown Cuyahoga Falls

flightOct192014/, flying around our area with American Winds flight school

balloonride/, a great early-morning hot-air balloon ride in Portage County

Chicago2014/, exploring Chicago from a river cruise

SheratonDam/, the whole story of the removal of two dams in downtown Cuyahoga Falls

LeFeverDam/, continuation of the dam removal story

cicadatime/, summer 2016, and time for the 17-year visit

soccer2014/, Grandkids time on the soccer field

Tornadoes2015/, more Grandkids soccer, 2015